Dolphin International is an Indian owned sourcing company providing a multi-purpose service for all your PLASTIC RAW MATERIAL Importing needs to /from INDIA.

We are working like a "MALL -one stop destination" FOR PLASTIC RAW MATERIAL, you will get all services at one place at competitive rates. We have the experience to source products globally from the manufacturers in different categories in order to provide our clients that meet their cost & quality requirements. We are tie-up with many NVOCC, Shipping Line, Multimodal Transporter and CHA for Freight forwarding, so we can give you good rate for all services.

DOLPHIN INTERNATIONAL provide a complete comprehensive and total solution to import or get any item or goods from any market to India market. We work only with the most qualified factories and companies around the world, so that we can offer you competitively priced products and materials without compromising quality.
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A "major" is short for a major petrochemical company which manufactures plastic resin. A "broker" is an entity which takes title to the resin which the major deems to be not "prime" resin which falls within the target criteria for the pick of the litter. The majors sell prime through their direct sales force and prime distributors.


Plastic recycling is the process of recovering scrap or waste plastic and reprocessing the material into useful products. ... The phase boundaries cause structural weakness in the resulting material, meaning that polymer blends are useful in only limited applications.


A significant part of optimizing resin usage is proper use of regrind. Plastic Regrinding is material that has undergone at least one processing method such as molding or extrusion and the subsequent sprue, runners, flash, rejected parts etc are ground or chopped.

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